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the tribe

With a mission to create a thriving and honest community for African women who will lead the next generation, TRIBE introduces a digital solution for a disconnected entrepreneurial community, unemployment, and the lack of access to information affecting African women in Africa and the Diaspora. We are building a community to build our community. The world has benefited from the brilliance of African women for years, here’s our chance to reclaim, build and thrive in our own tribe.

explore. connect. thrive.

the app

Why build an app for a traditionally marginalized group with an alarming percentage of its population unable to access basic education and literacy skills, smart phones, data and technology?


Why not? 


  If we are fighting for gender and economic equality, digital inclusion and preparing ourselves for 4IR, then we must create platforms to sustain and support our community.


Designed to solve our most basic challenges, TRIBE is an innovative social experience to motivate, connect, share, and grow with the community like never before. This is just the first step towards Afro Girls' long-term goal in solving the gender gap in access to basic needs and technology for effective living. When we solve our most pressing challenges towards a just society, we will have platforms designed just for us, ready and thriving; it's up to us to create them.


A digital marketplace of African-women-owned brands in one place; redefining the quintessential market-women.


Curated news and features for African women around the world; including health, wealth, tech, style policy and more!


Your daily-dose of #AfroGirlMagic on the go! Motivating and affirming notifications to keep you moving sent daily.


Opportunities to work with and be a part of African women-owned businesses and brands.


Events, courses and happenings around the world that will enrich, uplift and entertain!


Books, podcasts, shows, trending music, exclusive offers and more for our community of Queens!


Strong women influence strong girls. Creating a community of trailblazing women who create solutions to the challenges in their communities is just half of the work we hope to accomplish with TRIBE. By building a community of women who genuinely support each other and look to each other as inspiration and not competition, we are setting positive examples of sisterhood and leadership for our young girls. 

AFRO SMART GIRLS, an Afro Girls initiative,  seeks to close the majorly disproportionate gender gap in technology in Africa. As the world gears up for the fourth industrial revolution (4IR), we are teaming up with organizations that understand the importance of digital inclusion, STEAM programs and curriculum and the value of smart phones in the lives of women and girls. 

African women are the original social-entrepreneurs and impact-first investors, creating work that benefits their children, families and communities. We are hoping that our community of changemakers will not only learn the value of investing in themselves, but also more effective ways to invest in their community longterm. The TRIBE app supports the initiatives of Afro Girls and their efforts towards celebrating African girl excellence, providing access to quality education for girls in Africa and helping them create mock businesses with the SDGs through the TAG Program. By downloading TRIBE, you are supporting generations of women who will work towards creating a better Africa.